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We are an art collective of three women from different countries that gathered with the common interest of rethinking the definition of public space. 

Through the project “What is Your Radical Act of Care? - a laboratory in public space” we research on the subject of care in relation to feminism and equity and question its role in forming our public space. As an artistic laboratory we initiate a continuous, experimental and participatory process involving several artistic interventions, discussions and workshops in order to reclaim space for care in our public realm. 


We want to know “What is Your Radical Act of Care?” and are using this space to share some gathered answers with you.

The Care Lab

Besides our stickers you can always spot us with our participatory Care Lab station. The Care Lab manifests in public space through a series of conversations, workshops and activist actions revolving around the question and the answers of: What is your radical act of care?

Together we will approach this question and visualize our thoughts through our main formats: A zine and an artistic piece out of upcycled fabric which will grow and unfold during this participatory process.

Roundtable event


You are warmly invited to our roundtable event initiating the radical care lab. Together with our guests Cassandra Ellerbe and LCavaliero Mann we will get to the bottom of the question: What is your radical act of care? We will discuss issues around the questions: What is care? Why is care relevant? How do care, activism and public space intersect? 

The event will culminate in an artistic workshop around your radical act of care. Come and join us in a collective care-full process in reclaiming space for care in our public by talking, listening, discussing, drawing, writing, cutting and any other means of creating.



Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe (she/her)

LCavaliero Mann (he/him)


Salma Jreige (she/her)

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We are three artists that have met as a collective through our common interest in reclaiming the space that care requires in public space; understanding care as a means for social awareness and engagement. We believe in the need to redefine public spaces in relation to their role in shaping our social and communal behavior, and to recognize our positions in relation to them. That is why we initiated the Care Lab, our project around the question “What is your radical act of care”. We initiate artistic interventions, discussions and workshops in order to reclaim space for care in our public realm. Our practices revolve around feminism, accessibility, wellbeing and intersectionality.

About us

Fabienne Margue (1997) Luxembourgish multimedia and performance artist currently living between Cologne and Luxembourg. (MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus Universität Weimar / BA Art-Therapy-Pedagogy at Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft) Her practice includes developing artistic strategies to address social issues and individual difficulties. She focuses mainly on project work where the emphasis is on movement and performance practices. She uses the potential of physical knowledge to engage in the re-experience of the ordinary and to find new ways of action. As a pedagogue she has attained the competence to support others in their own artistic process and to mediate art.

Zarahlena (1990) is a Mexican-German transdisciplinary artist based in Berlin with an extensive international background working with feminist, queer and youth communities in Europe and Latin America. Her history of collaboration is best illustrated through her work as Latin America Director for Heal Her Project, a global expressive arts initiative supporting survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma. Using art as a tool for self-recognition, Zarahlena has been extensively involved in performance, self-portraiture, photography, installation and modeling. Besides being an active artist, her experience includes curating exhibitions, managing cultural peojects, creating zines, facilitating workshops and content management, all with an eco-feminist and queer approach. 

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Rita Adib (1991) is a multidisciplinary artist and architect born and raised in Damascus, Syria where she received her bachelor degree in architecture from Damascus University, and moved to Montreal, Canada to earn her BFA majoring in sculpture from Concordia University. Currently she splits her time between Berlin and Beirut.
Her practice, whether it is paintings, drawings, or site specific installations and performative actions, is deeply rooted in social and political activism. Rita questions the body in relation to borders, oppression and displacement and focuses on intersectional racial and gender-based discrimination from the point of view of a feminist Arab non-conforming woman.

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In a system of oppression, specifically a capitalist, cis hetero patriarchal, white suprimacist one, which systematically builds a hierarchy of discrimination against our bodies - racialised, classified and genderizes bodies, - our Lab suggests Care as a methodology to reclaim freedom/a voice/equality for our bodies in public spaces and creates art forms as a tool for this purpose. We believe in reconstructing and exploring art processes as a collective, conversational, and time based process: a care-full process. Through that, we reclaim space for care in our public and private realms, which we understand as a radical act of activism. Our mission stands for bringing the question “What is your radical act of care?” to the public. It stands for emphasising radicality by stripping care from its passive connotation and to practice care as a revolutionary act. 


More about the roundtable event 


Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin​

Friedrichshain, Berlin

Accessibility note:

the event will be held on the ground floor, but the toilets have one step to access.



15:30 - 19:00



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Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe (she/her)

Cassandra began her journey in New York City, but has lived, studied and worked internationally for many years. She brings more than 10 years of research experience in various cross-border EU funded projects. Her expertise in the fields of ethnography, women and gender studies, Black Diaspora in Europe, German postcolonial studies and migration studies formed the foundation for her work in the areas of diversity, anti-discrimination and social justice. She lectures internationally and has published in various languages on these topics.


LCavaliero Mann (he/him)

"I am an organizer, booker, DJ and performer.

Currently I am the artistic director at SchwuZ, one of the largest queer clubs in Berlin, that has existed for 40 years. Besides organizing varying parties for a diverse LGBTIQ audience I conceptualize and organize a wide range of events such as concerts, shows, exhibitions, film screenings and panel discussions. I hold a master’s degree in gender studies and philosophy and have been involved in queer activism and event organization since 2005. This includes festivals, conferences, shows, parties, fundraising-events and workshops. I am the host/emcee at different shows, political events, rallies and panel discussions and I have performed solo and in groups and also appeared in movies, documentaries, music-videos and theatre plays.

As a genderqueer trans*man my creativity is to some extent consumed by the survival in the everyday life but also fueled by the will to change a heteronormative system and stand up against intersecting forms of discrimination."

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Salma Jreige


Salma Jreige, born in Damascus and lives in Berlin, Germany. BA in Law from Damascus University and MA in Intercultural Conflict Management at the ASH-Berlin. Coordinator of Solidarity in Action network, and previous Manager of Multaka project. Focusing on migration related issues, outreach and inclusion of people with refugee and migration experiences in the cultural sphere, and the social and political role of cultural institutions. 

We will end the event with an artistic workshop to answer the question

“What is your radical act of care?” after which we will create a zine with the result of a creative participatory process

The zine

What next?

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